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Elsie and Matt embark on a nostalgic road trip up the California coastline. Along the way, they rediscover their shared history and question the inevitability of connection.


We believe in being bold. Being creative. Collaborative.  Doing it all, with the people we trust most. Some might say we are a little crazy, but we know who we are.  Storytellers. Adventurers who've seen the world and seek out those far-flung places, people, tastes, and ideas.  We stay true to ourselves. True to each other. Experiencing all of those moments that make us laugh, cry, feel and hold on tight to the ones we love. Because isn't that what connects us all? Stories. Myths. Legends. Truth and fiction.

We know that we are all more similar than our greatest differences.  We are more than the sum of our parts. And we believe in connecting the world the only way we know how, together.

We are The Side Hustle.

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